It's Time to HELP give children the opportunity to learn the basic swimming foundations in Nami's PRE-SWIM class, outside of the water, in the comfort of the classroom and their home.

We cannot risk delaying a child’s swimming journey.

There are too many children and families who are in geographic or climate challenged areas, that are not able to start a regular swim class with trained swim instructors or coaches.

Parents and educators now have a tool to start the swimming conversation and start teaching the foundations of swimming.



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"Sue Nami's Swimming Journey- Teaching Water Awareness and Swimming FUNdamentals Outside of the Water"

In her book, “Nami” ventures on an educational journey to learn how her wildlife friends breathe, balance, streamline and move in the water. Nami will demonstrate fun and engaging swimming drills and encourage children to practice with her, Outside of the Water. Nami’s book and swim practice drills are an adult and parent’s guide to begin to teach & train children water awareness with emphasis on:

  • Chapter 1: proper breath exchange
  • Chapter 2: proper streamline & balance
  • Chapter 3: Kicking & strokes

 ALL outside of the water

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"Sue Nami's Swimming Journey"

A Daycare Dryland Swim Class Outside of the Water.

Nami's Progression Swim Drills using everyday household items demonstrated by our National Championship Swimmer and our daily group Toddlers. A fun and engaging parent's guide to starting the swimming and aquatic conversation with children.


COMING SOON: Teach Your Baby to Swim

A Baby/Me Swim Class for Parents & Adults.

Parents you can start your baby's swimming journey using these easy to follow progression tutorials.

Virtual Baby/Me Swim Class REQUEST

 Parents are the ultimate coach, responsible for teaching children LIFE SKILLS.

COMING SOON: Learn to Swim

Learn to teach your child how to swim using a progression curriculum that focuses on

  1. Proper Breath Exchange
  2. Proper Body position- Streamline with 1 independent breath exchange
  3. Proper Kicking in streamline with 3 independent breath exhanges
  4. Proper crawl stroke, both front and back: Freestyle/Back stroke

Coaches Ira and Cindy Klein

The CDC states Drowning is an epidemic and is the number ONE cause of death for children under the age of five. But this epidemic is the easiest to prevent.

The first step, is teaching Water awareness and understanding the fundamentals and foundation to Swimming.

I’m Coach Cindy Klein. My husband, Coach Ira Klein & I have dedicated our lives and swim program to the prevention of drowning and teaching children to swim.

We are passionate about teaching children to have confidence and awareness if they find themselves in an unfamiliar aquatic environment.

I wrote “Sue Nami’s Swimming Journey” Teaching Water Awareness & Swimming FUNdamentals Outside of the Water” book and “SUE Nami’s Daycare Dryland Swim Class” swim drills during the 2020 pandemic, as a pre-swim class, a parent’s guide to start the swim lesson conversation with their children, with emphasis on:

  • Chapter 1: proper breath exchange
  • Chapter 2: proper balance and streamline to recover in the water
  • Chapter 3: proper propulsion to move through the water, with kicking and strokes, manipulate the water so you can take a breath. 

AND, I created the Baby/Me swim progression curriculum ( which is NOW ONLINE ) to educate and teach parents how to teach their children about the 4 foundation of swimming.


The above progression drills (breathing, balance, streamline and propulsion) have been proven to build confidence and comfort in the water in a fun and engaging environment.

We can’t risk children not getting swim lessons because of the pandemic, and we must consider the many children and families who are located in geographically difficult and climate challenged areas. There is no wrong time for children to learn and understand the fundamentals and foundations to swimming, especially when they can practice “Outside of the Water”.

Coaches Ira and Cindy Klein